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Lisboa 01

How do I even start this? Errmm…

You see, all my life I have always been home-ground. Busy with events here and there, with the boutique and other stuffs. Never really thought to actually travel anywhere .That is until I was offered to fly to Macau by an airline. Who would say no hah?

With all the excitement building up, the 4 hours flight seems really short. Without me realizing it the captain was already announcing “Cabin crew, please be seated for landing”.  There I was, standing in awe. I’m in Macau. I am out of Malaysia- my first time! I can still smell how fresh my passport was when I handed it to the immigration officers at Macau International Airport.

DSC05900 Hotel Sheraton Terbesar di Dunia l Sheraton Macau

292905 10150903580603998 240673641 n Hotel Sheraton Terbesar di Dunia l Sheraton Macau

Everything seems really strange; the language, the people, the atmosphere. I was quite a lot to take in at the moment but I savored every single moment of my journey. Did I tell that I was REALLY REALLY excited? I was in complete amazement when I arrived at my hotel- The biggest Sheraton in the world!


I was literally shocked and froze at the door. What have I done to be so fortunate? The whole trip was paid for, my flight ticket was paid for and now am staying at one of the most expensive hotel in the world? Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central  has 3 big outdoor pool, huge steam and sauna room!! Definitely my first unforgettable overseas trip!

macau 5

macau 3



macau 7

macau 4

macau 7

After the surreal moment of seeing my hotel, the trip continued for the next few days. In just the short time span I already got to see some of Macau’s attractions- (MGM Macau, The Venetian, Portuguese Egg Tart, Museu de Macau, Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square and Grand Lisboa Hotel.


Ruins of St. Paul’s



Mandarin House

Egg Tart



Macau Giant Panda Pavillion

The venetian

The Venetian

I wouldn’t be able to forget all these as I told myself when we were walking in Macau’s town! I didn’t expect my first overseas trip was to Macau and what more being given the chance to see all the amazing attraction! I wouldn’t forget you Macau!!!

This entry was in written in concurrence of Asian on Air 2013, proudly brought to you by Korean Air and Korean Tourism Organization. This event collects bloggers from all over SEA to experience Korea beautiful country!

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